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Named after the Norse goddess, Frøjya (pron. Fruh-ya) connects the darkness with the light, beauty with strength, and the past with the future.

After thirteen years of chaos both on and off the stage, two studio albums, television appearances, dozens of music festivals and hundreds of shows, a major lineup change inspired Rhythm Ship members Maggie Woods, Aaron Johnson, Phil Barber & Doug Knutsen to take the band in a new direction.

With so much history, they bear the scars of many battles lost and won. In the process, they've built a strong foundation and shaped their sound: wild intelligent soul; a spiritual story that roars to life crackling with energy and soaked with emotion; a sort of heavy jazz wrenched from the soul of the earth.

As Frøjya, they cast off the burden of their past, but the magic remains. This new incarnation transcends the modern experience to connect with the deeper senses, drawing life now from a deeper well.

Inspired by sonic storytellers like Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Jack White, Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane, they create soundscapes that alter reality, as the rhythm of the seasons shapes the wild northern landscape that surrounds them.

Frøjya continues the work that The Rhythm Ship began, and they carry the legacy of that music into the future. But the trajectory has changed, and that future is of their own design.